Tautliner transports

Our own fleet has 16 tautliners with side boards und sliding planes, which have a length of 13,60 meters. Our tautliners have the possibility to transport goods with weight up to 24,5 tons. These vehicles have a loading capacity of 34 pallet spaces. The exchange of Euro pallets is also one of our advantages.

The company Schmid additionaly owns 4 jumbo-trucks, which can load 2 x 7,30 meters. In this roadtrains we can load 36 pallets with the total weight up to 23,5 tons.

Our vehicles are equipped with anti-slipping-mats, adjustable belts and safety bars to secure your goods.

Each one vehicle is equipped with GPS and can be located at any time.

All of our trucks have the emission EURO 6.